Refraction Master™


Practice at any time anywhere

Refraction Master™ is developed to train students the art of prescribing glasses. Apart from the essential lessons at the University, with Refraction Master™ the student can train its skills at any time anywhere.

Realistic simulation

Refraction Master™ has been designed to train students in an users friendly way, the art of prescribing glassing by two methods: the fan and block method, and the Jackson’s cross cylinder method. Refraction Master™ each time creates a new patient, therefor there are no identical refractions. Apart from that, Refraction Master™ trains the student that accommodation influences the outcome.

lens stock


The Fan and Block method

fanAs in a refraction with a real person, Refraction Master™ shows a resultant cylinder axis if the angle of the cylinder lens is changed. By this it is possible to simulate a very natural situation. The simulated person in the program changes its preference of the focal line if the point of line fusion has been past. By turning the arrowhead the clearest line of the fan is indicated.

Jackson’s Cross Cylinder Method

Refraction Master™ is a very suitable tool to train the commonly used Jackson’s Cross Cylinder Method (JCC-method). The astigmatism as well as the angle of the correction cylinder may be corrected and adjusted within the program

Duochrome test

The final quarter diopter sphere in refraction can be refined in Refraction Master™ by using the duochrome test.


Every individual student who trains himself or herself with Refraction Master™ wants to know if he or she has done a good job. Refraction Master™ gives an overall feedback by writing if the refraction is within acceptable limits. Refraction Master also checks each step in the refraction procedure and write it down in a focal line plot. In that way the student is given feedback on every single lens that was held in front of the patient’s eye.

Focal lines plot